Psychological tests


20 to 50 minutes
70 to 270 questions

A test about your life in the last month. It has questions about a long list of mental health conditions and common problems like: depression, sleeping problems, dissociation, communication problems or life-work balance.


25 minutes
Around 150 questions

A test about your childhood. It assembles information about different conditions and problems, like traumatic experiences, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder or autism.


10 to 20 minutes
120 questions

A test about your personality. It is based on the Big Five personality traits. It is scientifically validated and will give you a detailed analysis of your personality.


20 minutes
68 to 180 questions

A test about your adult life. It is focused on how your symptoms have developed, your contact with mental health services, your gender and sexual orientation and the type of things that have happened to you in your life. There are also questions about autism, ADHD and attachment.