Frequently asked questions

Using the service

Does it cost anything?

No, you can do our tests totally free.

I'm concerned about my privacy and what you do with my data

We tried to explain everything in our Terms and conditions section. As a short summary, we want to analyze your data anonymously in order to improve our service. If you don't want your data analyzed you can delete your account all your data will be erased with it instantly.

If I'm a professional, how do I use Atrapamente with my patients?

As simple as sending them to our website. After they have filled the forms they can share a link to their answers.

Do you replace professional help?

We don't provide healthcare in this website and we can't replace professional help in any way. This website has entertainment and educational purposes only.

How do I delete my account?

You can do it in your profile by clicking "Delete my account". All your data and tests are deleted when you delete your account.

Psychological tests

Are they scientifically validated?

The Now, Child and Life tests are not validated. They are a collection of the questions that we usually ask our patients in our practice. Our personality test is called the short IPIP-NEO 120. We are not the authors of this test and it is validated. You can read more about it here.

What diagnosis do the tests provide information about?

Most of the mental health diagnosis, plus some. The other diagnosis that we've included are clinically relevant diagnosis, such as complex PTSD or abuse disorders, like screen-addiction or shopping addiction. The tests are thought to complement each other and provide information about different areas and time periods of life.

Do I get a diagnosis after filling the tests?

Diagnosis are only set by professionals. This test can't give you a diagnosis.