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We are a team of psychiatrists and psychologists.

Privacy friendly

We won't ask you anything that could identify you in real life.


Our solutions are 100% online. Use them from your computer or phone.

Our products


Psychological tests

4 different tests that will give you an overview of your mental situation. You can share the results of each test anonymously in one click. And they're totally free.

Our team



Carlos is a medical doctor specialized in Psychiatry. He's passionate about technology and psychology.



Aleksandra is a licensed psychologist. She's interested in mental health digitalization and working out.

The Atrapamente philosophy


Understand the problem

Finding the best solution requires looking at many factors and understanding things as a whole. If we don't know where the problem is we can't fix it.


Find real solutions

It's always tempting to find quick fixes. But what happens with quick fixes after 3 months? And after 3 years? We believe in long term solutions.


One step at a time

The only way to change is through effort. We don't know about magic solutions that will solve your problems at once. But we work on making today better than yesterday.

Today is the best day to start working on yourself